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Maori Boy | Julie O' | Revita Glass

Maori Boy Glass | Julie O' | Revita Glass
āori Boy Glass is a small artisan glass studio in Whangarei, Northland. All the designs are created by Monty Kirkman who has a passion for glass as an artistic medium. The technique Monty uses sandwiches the design of the “onglaze powder” between two pieces of clear glass, which is then fused together at high temperature. The transparency of the top layer provides the depth of the design and enhances the vibrancy of each colour. All the designs are his own and are a modern interpretation of traditional Māori design. Every design has a story behind it, either imparting something from life’s experiences or our interpretation of Māori taonga (treasures).  Monty designs each piece to be a work of art, while still being functional and robust enough to be used day-to-day. Hand wash only. Made in Whangarei, New Zealand.