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Irina Velman

Irina Velman NZ
From her Waitakare studio Auckland painter Irina Velman is inspired by the beauty of the West Coast. Her vibrant colour palette translates superbly onto canvas, these are bright, colourful artworks with a strong sense of place. Irina believes in healing power of art- both for the artist and the viewer, her art helps her to restore emotional balance, heal stress and reconnect with nature. Over the years her paintings have been displayed in numerous art shows and sold to private collections in NZ and overseas. Irina has held 5 solo exhibitions and won various art awards. Her art is mainly influenced by Paul Gauguin (a touch of mystery, dream of a better world), Marianne North (eternal love for botanical drawings) and Russian traditional applied for her love for brilliant colours on black background and intricate patterns. Her favourite colours are red, orange, yellow-hues of sunshine and fire, warm, passionate and expressive.
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