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DQ & Co - Fold Out Bag - Native NZ


DQ & Co - Fold Out Bag - Native NZ

DQ & Co | Simply NZ | NZ The Gift

Native New Zealand looks at New Zealand's Native Birds and Flora creating a pictorial image of native birds and flora including our iconic kiwi, our majestic Wood Pigeons, cheeky Fantails, and beautiful Pohutukawa, wild ToiToi, nectar filled Kowhai and many more. 

Fold out Bags measurements are 49cm x 69cm (incl handles). 
Washable & 100% Polyester.

A handy eco-friendly fold-out bag that can be tucked away easily back into itself. Reusable and long lasting- an alternative to plastic shopping bags. Beautiful, spacious, kiwiana themed fold out bags - saving the earth and looking damn good too!

Jenny Chan is the designer behind the NZ quality focused accessories company DQ & Co. "I am passionate about art and painting it informs all my designs at DQ & Co. I am self-taught but I have always been creative." DQ & Co is a Happiness Project that celebrates life’s simple pleasures, spreading love and happiness through a range of gifts and homewares. DQ  & Co specialises in producing a large range of functional products and accessories. Their products are stylish and practical with a distinctive New Zealand & kiwiana flavour.

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