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AQUARIUS Paua Leaf Filigree Earrings
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AQUARIUS Paua Leaf Filigree Earrings

Aquarius Design | NZ Paua Jewellery | Souvenir Paua Giftware
This Charming Delicate New Zealand Natural Paua Leaf Earrings come with a Metal Leaf Outline Overlay & Diamante Crystals. They each measure 14 mm wide and 22mm in length and come on a hook earring.

NZ Paua
Paua is often referred to as the Sea Opal due to its blue/green colourings and the incredible swirls that create individual patterns on each and every piece of jewellery. Although part of the Abalone family, Paua is unique to New Zealand's environmentally pure coastal waters.  The Paua is renowned throughout the world not only for its beautiful shell but also for its edible dark, full flavoured flesh.  For many centuries the Maori have used the Paua shell for personal adornment and as ornamental inlay eyes for the carvings that decorated their weapons and meetings houses.

Aquarius Design
Proudly stocked in all of our stores across NZ. This collection features gorgeous souvenir jewellery and unique products that are high quality, and the most extensive natural and dyed Paua jewellery range available in Aotearoa. Founder Robert Greville initially began a part-time business touring the North Island of New Zealand selling shell jewellery and steadily establishing a following in both local and tourist markets. Aquarius Design formed in 1987 in Kaitaia, New Zealand.

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