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PARRS Mini Maori Wahine Doll with Feather Cloak 10cm
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PARRS Mini Maori Wahine Doll with Feather Cloak 10cm

PARRS | Simply New Zealand
Mini Maori Wahine Doll with Feather Cloak 10cm is an adorable doll that represents Maori culture. Makes a great gift for children big or small. This gorgeous miniature doll is one of our most popular selling items. Ideal for sending overseas to family and friends or as a souvenir to remind you of your stay in Aotearoa. 

Wahine - a Maori woman or wife, dressed in traditional clothes, with a hei tiki around her neck. The Hei Tiki, a greenstone symbol of fertility worn around the neck was highly valued and handed down from generation to generation.


Parrs Products Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned family company established in 1951 by Des and Margaret Parr in Auckland, New Zealand. It started as a small cottage industry when Margaret first manufactured dolls dressed in native costume. Merging with Maori Reflections, a souvenir retailer owned and operated by Greg and Janet Parr in the 1980's, the company is now managed by Greg along with his wife, and two daughters. The company has continued to grow exponentially, and now occupies its own warehouse, office and showroom and is proud to be one of the largest souvenir manufacturers/distributors in New Zealand.

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