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BRUNTWOOD LANE Felted Soap - Unscented Goatsmilk


BRUNTWOOD LANE Felted Soap - Unscented Goatsmilk

BRUNTWOOD LANE Felted Soap - Unscented Goatsmilk

Unscented Goats milk with no added fragrance or colour. This soap is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Unlike scented goats milk, this bar in homogenised to make it anti-reactionary. Every bar is unique, that's a promise. Hand crafted, these artisan bars look beautiful and are a must have addition for any shower or bathroom. Sourced from the South Island high country, Corriedale breed wool slither has excellent anti-fungal properties. This wool slither is a natural exfoliant that will leave you feeling fresh and clean. 

Bruntwood Lane triple milled soap is made from 100% natural plant oils and extracts - meaning there is has been no use of petroleum, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate.

"We're very fond of nature, so naturally we do not endorse animal testing.

All felting is done by hand using quality materials sourced locally." Bruntwood Lane

Proudly made in NZ

Here are the benefits of Bruntwood Lane Felted Wool Soap:

  • 100% Natural French triple milled soap - from plant extracts & essential oils
  • New Zealand sourced Corriedale Wool -  used for gentle exfoliation
  • Hypoallergenic ingredients - soap is easy on sensitive skin
  • Long lasting - the wool protects the soap & helps it last longer
  • Sustainable & biodegradable - from nature to nature

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