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MOANA ROAD Aviator Sunglasses Red Goose #482
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MOANA ROAD Aviator Sunglasses Red Goose #482

Moana Road | NZ DESIGNER | Simply New Zealand | NZ The Gift

Moana Rd Aviator Sunglasses. Unisex, trendy and fun to wear, these great sunglasses have polarised lenses and bamboo arms. Light but sturdy to wear and a flattering frame shape for men and women. The sunglasses come in a variety or colours.

Moana Road
Remember the time when there weren’t any footpaths, just grass that merged with the melting asphalt roads? Moana Rd is a New Zealand brand that celebrates a foregone time when life was simple & Hokey Pokey ice creams were ‘big as’. A time when baches were simple boxes surrounded by huge lawns for BYC (Back Yard Cricket) and kids entertained themselves for weeks on end without a device in sight. A time when Doctors lived next door to Plumbers and an overseas trip was taken on the Picton Ferry or the Waiheke Quickcat. Moana Rd products tap into that NZ of old with an eclectic mix of quirky, old-school Kiwiana. Great gifting collections for Christmas and birthdays.

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