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Sustainable Tourism

At Simply New Zealand and New Zealand the Gift we are committed to being a responsible and sustainable New Zealand Tourism Business.  As part of this effort our stores adopted the Qualmark code of ethics and became subject to the Qualmark auditing process. This is inline with our Vision and Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Develop and grow our business by providing excellent service and quality of merchandise that exceeds our customers’ expectations, so they have pleasant memories of our stores, our products, our country, and have the desire to revisit us
  • Play an active role in the growth and progress of the visitor industry.

We take pride in our stores and strive to be the best in customer service, product range and professional attitude.

Our product range includes work from renowned New Zealand craftspeople, internationally recognised clothing brands and exclusive branded apparel. We carefully select jewellery, mementos and gifts which are reflective of New Zealand.

Our Stores & The Environment

Being part of the Qualmark grading system recognises that we carry out sustainable tourism business practices throughout our stores across the country. This is New Zealand’s official star grading system. Every company who is Qualmark  endorsed has undergone a stringent assessment and licensing process. All businesses are assessed on their environmental performance, which recognises business for their initiatives in energy, waste, water, environmental conservation and the support within the local community.  We continue to meet Qualmark standards and have done so since the company was founded, in 1965 where we were the first NZ retailer to become Qualmark endorsed.

We follow These Standards

Recycling Packaging & Waste Reduction

We have a reduce, reuse and recycle policy within all of our stores including our head office.As a group we support sustainability initiatives in several ways. We care for our New Zealand environment by recycling packaging and shop waste whenever possible and support local council recycling initiatives.

This means
  • We use electronic documents in preference to print material where possible
  • Print material is printed double sided and re used whenever possible
  • Recycling is carried out of all office and store paper, cardboard, boxes when they can no longer be re used
  • Biodegradable products are being rolled out throughout our packaging supplies to decrease waste in our environment
Energy & Resources
  • We have implemented LED lighting in all our new store fit outs and monitor lighting usage throughout the stores
  • All electronic devices are switched off when not in use whenever possible
  • New stores are fitted with energy efficient air conditioning systems
  • We always monitor power consumption throughout our stores in order to encourage and make improvements in our energy efficiency
We Source Local
We use local suppliers as much as we can, and support local businesses. This is through the products we sell as well as contributing to other local businesses and people such as store designers, shopfitters, and distributors. We employ local people and contribute to their own sustainability through upskilling and training. We make a conscious effort to by products produced and made in New Zealand and using local suppliers also allows our goods to be delivered without unnecessary packaging alongside reducing fossil fuel emissions.
Health and Safety
Our company is committed to ensuring the safety of our workers and customers, as well as visitors and contractors on the company premises. We are fully compliant with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. As a result of the new legislation, we have revisited all company policies and procedures for health and safety, revised our policy document, and all staff throughout the company have received new inductions and training.

Procedures are in place for hazard identification, reporting, on-going training, and inductions for new staff. Meetings take place on a quarterly basis, where incidents (if any) are reviewed and any necessary changes or actions are recorded and distributed throughout the company. With particular relevance to our company, the safety of our staff and our customers, and the minimisation of hazards are carefully considered as part of each store’s design, layout and fittings and fixtures.

Staff Training
To help achieve on-going innovation and improvements, we have a dedicated and happy team who are provided with the necessary systems, hardware, training and authority to carry out their tasks in a manner that ensures the experience of shopping in our stores exceeds customer expectations.

Through close association with Retail NZ and Tourism Industry Aotearoa we carry out regular training programmes for our staff to ensure they are fully informed and provided with the best possible skills.

Community & Social Contributions

Simply New Zealand & New Zealand the Gift believe in supporting and giving back to our community. We have been participating and contribute to local charities and initiatives by donating products and assisting our services wherever possible. We are also always open to helping out the community in terms of sponsorship and have contributed to various organisations and events in the past.